Hell of a Hill 5 Toughest Marathons in 5 Days


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(Over 4,000 feet of climb each day)

Strict 9 hour time limit each day.


Wednesday 11th November to Sunday 15th November 2020

9am start each day

£36 Affiliated or £38 Unafilliated

or all 5 days for £170/£180

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Wednesday 11th Nov Day 1 Single Entry & Start Lists


Thursday 12th Nov Day 2 Single Entry & Start Lists


Friday 13th Nov Day 3 Single Entry & Start Lists


Saturday 14th Nov Day 4 Single Entry & Start Lists


Sunday 15th Nov Day 5 Single Entry & Start Lists



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Entry Includes

A bespoke medal each day

Chip timed race/split lap timing

All 5 in 5 runners get an award on completing

Hot soup/beans on toast & drinks after the race in race HQ

Personal baggage taken to feed station

Fully signposted route

Showers/toilets at race HQ

Free cake/electrolyte/water & sweets at feed station

 Race HQ

time2run events hell of a hill marathon Race HQ official site time2runevents.co.uk

Bibbys Farm Activity Centre

Charnock Back Lane

Heath Charnock

Chorley PR6 9DL

Please enter Bibbys Farm via Long Lane (Limbrick)

& not from Rivington as the road is very narrow.

Hell of a Hill Marathon Race HQ


Available at Race HQ

Car park is free to runners/support crew (£2.50 to spectators which includes access to site/facilities)

(Please pay for car parking at Race HQ)

All camping is booked through Time2Run Events.

Complete the Contact Form Here

Accomodation inside the bulidings is available 

Tent camping per person £5.50 per night

Caravan/motorhome £5.50 per night

(Sorry no electric hook up , hard standing is on the farm car park approach)

Showers/toilets are available to all runners

Race HQ will be located in the kitchen/canteen (number 3 on map)

All campers have access to showers/toilets & washing up facilities 24 hours a day .

Sorry, no dogs allowed on site.

No vehicles on the grass (after tent unloading please return your car to the car park).

(Click on map for PDF)

time2run events race hq layout hell of a hill marathon

The Route

Starting and finishing on the road at the back of Race HQ

A 3.50 mile trail/country road run to the feed station

Complete 5 x 3.85 mile laps over Rivington Pike

Then back along the 3.50 mile route to the finish outside Race HQ

Out and back section

(Click on Maps for Full Route Link)

hell of a hill marathon out and back section time2run events

Lap Route

hell of a hill time2runevents lap route toughest marathon


1st 5 in 5 Male/Female £100 Cash

Male/Female Each Day £25 Time2Run Cash

Hell of a Hill merchadise will be available to purchase on the day

hoodies & tech shirts 

Runner Race Day Instructions

The prize giving and after Party

for 5 day runners is at 17:00 pm at Race HQ
(or when all runners have finished) where each runner has photos and gets the 5 in 5 awards

(Everyone Welcome).

All runners must register each day at Race HQ from 7:00am until 8:45am, remember the feed station kit vehicle leaves at 8:45am each morning, if your kit is not in the buckets by then it isnt going! 5 day challenge runners must also register each day at Race HQ (new clean chip each day is given out) . Put all Kit for feed station in the RACE SUPPORT VEHICLE VAN  for your own drinks/day kit/bags to be put in that you will require for the lap part of the course and can be accessed every 3.80 miles (Vehicle leaves Race HQ at 8:45am so please ensure you have put your stuff in before this time as the vehicle will not wait). Please label your drinks and bags etc. so they can be easily identified from other participants . Head torches must be worn on the course from 3pm onwards so it is advised that these are also placed in the vehicle labelled up. In addition a water/feed station will be available every 3.80 miles stocked with bottled water/Cake/Sweets/electrolyte and other nutritional goods for all runners. Please take into consideration that the van will not leave the course until the last runner finishes (possible 8 hours) so it is advised if you require belonging that have been placed in the van  you will need to pick them up at the end.  Supporters can park at the public and free car park on the lap route at Lower House Car Park (3.5 miles from the start/finish line) (Car Park Closes at 7pm).If you drop out please leave you're chip at a feed station do not take it home with you.
All runners when crossing the finish line each day will receive that days medal and any prize due, on completing all 5 days runners will in addition be presented an award at the after race Party at Race HQ on the Sunday (approx 17:00pm) along with having there name placed on the Hell of a Hill hall of Fame.
Please note that you leave any valuables/clothing and drinks at your own risk, we will not be responsible for any loss of property.The weather in November and on the hill can be unforgiving, although the extreme weather is part of the challenge we have to consider runners safety at all times. In previous years it has been common to see strong winds, snow, floods and extreme cold weather. If the event needs to be cancelled due to bad weather or any other reason then all entries will automatically go into the next staging of the event. Please bring suitable clothing and footwear for what the conditions are likely to be and keep checking the forecast days before the event (weather reports are updated daily at Race HQ along with latest Results).
Please remember from 3pm each day of the marathon it is mandatory to have a head torch!!
Bring some spare warm dry clothes in a bag to change into (the bag can be left at race HQ/at the water station, please don’t forget to label all bags/clothing and nutrition)
The Hill can be extremely windy and cold, please dress sensibly as the conditions can be extreme at this time of year and change within minutes (in 2014 we had 70mph winds on the top of the Pike).
Waterproof clothing (can be stored at race HQ/water station
Lap Chip System, You will be recorded each lap as you pass  the feeder.

Course Records

5 in 5 Course Records 2013-2016

Fastest Male Marathon - Rick Vercoe (100 Marathon Club) Day 1- 2013 - 3:56:41
Fastest - Female Marathon Cecily Shepherd (Kendal AAC) Day 2 - 2015 5:26:18
Oldest 5 Day Finisher - David Brady (100 Marathon Ireland) Age 63 - 2013 29:22:21
Fastest 5 Day Consecutive Time Male - Rick Vercoe (100 Marathon Club) 2013 - 20:03:59
Fastest 5 Day Consecutive Time - Female Cecily Shepherd (Kendal AAC) 2015 - 28:16:33
Youngest 5 Day Finisher Fiona MacSweeney (Prestwich AC) Age 24 -2013 37:10:42

5 in 5  Course Records 2016

Fastest Male Marathon  - Adam Holland (Notfast) Day 4 2016 - 3:27:55
Fastest Female Marathon - Janine Fallon (Darwen Dashers) Day 2  2016 -  4:44:52
Fastest 5 Day Consecutive Time Male - Adam Holland (Notfast) 2016 - 18:06:37
Fastest 5 Day Consecutive Time Female - Janine Fallon (Daren Dashers) 2016 24:39:03
Oldest 5 Day Finisher Nigel Coates -  2016 Age 61 27:18:38
Youngest 5 Day Finisher Hannah Witchalls - (Bishops Stortford RC) 2016 Age 24  - 31:43:09

Single Day Course Records  2013-2015

Fastest Male Marathon - Mark Ryall (Marshall Milton keynes) Day 5 2014 - 3:51:20
Fastest Female Marathon - Catherine O'Dwyer (Bolton Harriers) Day 5 2013 - 4:25:13

Single Day Course Records 2016

Fastest Male Marathon -John Naylor (Red Rose Road Runners) Day 5 - 3:52:01
Fastest Female Marathon - Amy Freeman (Darwen Dashers) Day 2 - 4:18:16

5 in 5 Course Records 2017 Onwards

Fastest Male Marathon - Jason Lewis 3Hours 52Mins 21Secs (Day1)

Fastest Female Marathon - Kelly Sullavan - 4 Hours 46Mins :25Secs (Day 2)

5in5 Male Fastest Consecutive Time -Jason Lewis - 20:08:37

5in5 Female Fastest Consecutive Time - Kelly Sullavan - 24:12:47

Single Day Course Records 2017 Onwards

Fastest Male Marathon -Matthew Smith - 3:42:05 - Day 4 2018
Fastest Female Marathon - Katherine Brougham - 04:01:53 Day 4 2018


SSIC will be open  from 13:00 onwards on Friday,Saturday & Sunday located in Race HQ, This service is open to all Entries
(5 day and single day runners)
booking is not required this year and you can pay via Card . 

Prices are:
15 minutes- £10, 25 minutes- £15, Sports Massage 15 Mins £10
Any Rock Taping- £5 
Due to the nature of this event we strongly recommend you use this service!
To book in please email info@stansfieldsportsinjuryclinic.co.uk
For further information go to

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