Time2Run Events Rewards Club

We give recognition to all our runners who regularly run Time2Run races. It’s simple for every race you complete with us regardless of distance your automatically in the Club. When you have completed 25 Races you get a Bronze Belt Buckle and go on our Honours Lists Below forever! Those who complete 50 receive a Silver Buckle and those who complete 100 receive a Gold Belt Buckle.


Prize Giving

When you have completed your Belt Buckle Reward you will be invited to the prize giving at that Race and presented with it, if you can’t make the prize giving the award will be posted to you. All those who have ran our events from 2013 will qualify.


Bronze Honours Award to


Time2Run Events Bronze Running Award Belt Buckle

Silver Honours Awarded to


Silver time2run Events Bolton Running Award

Gold Honours Awarded to


 Gold time2run Events Bolton Belt Buckle running award