Time2Run Events New Run Club 2019

England Athletics Affiliated Running Club

Come & Join The Club & Wear The Vest

Thursday 12th september 2019

A fun 4 miles on road and trail. 

 Suitable for all abilities. Hope to see you there!


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About the Club

We welcome runners of all abilities to come and join the Time2Run Events Run Club

so not only can you run our fantastic events you can also represent us for only £25 per year


25% discount on all Time2Run races!!

£2 off most other races in the UK that are UKA licensed.

- Free training sessions each week on thursdays 7pm-8pm.

-Second claim runners receive a 5% discount on races.

Come and join us each week

Training sessions for everyone

from beginner to elite

course recces throughout the year. 

Friendly atmosphere, everyone welcome, no-one gets left behind.

Thursday 7.00pm - 8.00pm

From the....

Time2Run Events Hire Centre

Unit 6 Linstock Way Industrial Estate, Atherton, Manchester, M46 0RS


Aims of the Affiliated Time2Run Club.

To motivate runners of all abilities and to introduce new people to running.

Give support to all members during races and training.

Promote healthy living.

Give our members the opportunity to run as an affiliated athlete.

Give free expert advice on running mechanics & form,

weight management, nutrition & diet,

heart rate zones, VO2Max.

Training plans, training advice and race build up,

correct running shoes , body fat & muscle mass,

Stretching and warm ups/warm downs.

Our Coaches/Leaders & Evening Training

Jackie Oakes

Jenny Bradley

Phil Eccleston

Kelly Sullavan

Thursday evening training sessions are split into 2 groups:

1. Beginners / Non Competitive  Runners

(Normally a group run around the roads/trails)

2. Elite/Competitive Runners

(Warm ups followed by reps/track sessions)