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Here at Time2Run Events we believe in giving every runner regardless of ability the chance to run for our Club and become a selected Sponsored Runner and give them a chance to improve and reach personal running goals & become a better runner. We provide an attractive package for any runner who we think is worthy of selection, of course you can simply affiliate to our England Athletics Club  and run under our name (Click Here For This Option).

Joining our running club is the best way to become selected however if you are interested please complete the Online Contact Form Here and we will get back to you as soon as possible. (Please remember you MUST affiliate to Time2Run Events)


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Charlie Sharpe

Charlie’s is a Sponsored Time2Run Events Runner His own personal journey all started in 2008 with the decision to ‘get a bit fitter’. Although he had done a bit of rock climbing, kick boxing and snowboarding, in high school Charlie ‘wasn’t a runner’ and was unable to make it around the 800m without a walk. His first training run felt like the hardest thing in the world, for all 4 long minutes, but it got him started. 

When Charlie is not tearing up the trails (the hillier the better) he is full time coach with many clients from beginners to experienced ultra runners.

Some of Charlie’s best race wins in the past couple of years include

1st – Magredi Mountain Trail 100 mile, Italy – 22 hr 13 min
1st – Ultima Frontera 166km, Spain – 18 hr 2 min
1st- Apocalypse 100 mile, UK – 21 hr 41 min
1st – Dusk ’til Dawn 50 mile, UK – 8 hr 57 min
1st – Grand Tour of Skiddaw 44 mile, UK – 7 hr 8 min
1st – Excalibur Trail Marathon, UK – 4 hr 3 min
1st – Bolton Hill Marathon Double, UK 3 hr 3 min and 3 hr 8 min


Gethin Jones Athlete Sponsored by time2run events run club chip timing hire running organiser  


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Gethin Jones

Geth is a Sponsored Runner with Time2Run Events

I didn’t start running until early 2015 where myself and work colleagues decided to run the Anglesey Half marathon for charity. I was never good at any sports in school - in fact I was once given the role as ‘linesman’ in a lunchtime game of football! – so the only ambition was to finish the half marathon. My time in that race was 1:34.27 which at the time I was delighted with!

As with everyone who runs, I was bitten by the running bug! I did a few races after that, nothing serious until 2016 where I was approached by Alun Vaughan offering to coach me. Many within the running world will probably have heard about Alun, he is a Welsh international runner with great pedigree, so this was a great honour for me. Over the year my training was tweaked so that I would be running to full potential.

Steady progress over 2016 resulted in me being one of the top runners in North Wales (according to rankings – not a personal opinion!) and enabled me to represent North Wales in a few events with some of the region’s top athletes. My times have come down significantly and I am now in a position where I start a race confident of a podium finish, not arrogant just confident. After breaking my foot at mile one in the Cardiff half marathon at the end of 2016 (finishing in 76 minutes) I am back to form and running well – the highlight of the year going out to represent Anglesey in the Island Games in Gotland, Sweden this Summer.

Some of my achievements to date:

Current North Wales 10k champion

1500m & 3000m North Wales Senior champion

Bronze in North Wales 5k championships

Bronze in 1500m & 3000m at the Welsh inter region championships

Current PB’s 1500m – 4:25.01, 3000m – 9:15.74 , 5k – 16:33 (sub 16 on a downhill course that doesn’t count towards rankings),   Parkrun - 17:26,  5 miles – 27:48,  10k – 33:27   HM – 74:11,  Marathon – 2:48.12


Catherine Hodgetts beginners Coach with Time2RunEvents England Running Club  

Catherine Hodgetts 

Cath is a Beginners Coach with Time2RunEvents.

I started running on the treadmill in the gym in February 2010. The instructor was making up a new programme for me and added running. I just about managed to run very slowly for 5 minutes. I built up from that each week out pushing a little bit longer each time, not worrying about speed or distance just trying to build on the time.

By April 2010 I could run nearly 4 miles without stopping, and I did my first event in May that year which was Race for Life 5 km. I enjoyed it and provisionally entered that day for the following year.

I joined a running club in April 2010 and won awards each year at the awards night. I won awards in my division (ability level) and age group, won one year for fell running and in 2013 even got voted Most Improved Runner of the year!

I have gained a reputation among my running friends for doing the tougher, hillier races. I get more satisfaction pushing myself on a harder, tougher course and taking longer to finish than I do from a race that is flat and quicker to complete. Although I do like a nice flat route now and again too. These days I don’t worry about times as I have a slight left hip/knee weakness and I am working on making them stronger without any detriment to running or everyday life. If I push running too hard and try for a fast time I find I struggle walking up or down a few steps or short staircase afterwards for a few days, so I have to be careful.

I have completed most distances up to and including marathons and in 2015 completed two marathons in 8 days which I am very proud of. The first of the two was Bolton Hill Marathon (my second time in this one – I completed it the year before as my first ever marathon) and the second 8 days later was Liverpool Rock and Roll Marathon. My marathon days are over for the foreseeable future due to the above mentioned hip/knee problem. So unless I find one I can’t resist having a go at or someone makes me an offer I can’t refuse, I am retired from marathons and stick to half marathons as my maximum distance.

Another aspect of running I enjoy is helping those that haven’t run before to start running and build up to 5km and, once there, go to 10km and beyond. Or if anyone is coming back to running after a while away for whatever reason and they would like some help building back up to 5km and beyond. Starting running on your own, especially outside, can be a scary prospect so having someone there who is an experienced runner can help boost confidence. I am currently helping someone at work who is new to running. We are training for an event in September this year, 2017, with a group of our co-workers which will be the highlight of the year. I will keep you posted on how it goes!